We also provide service in English

We also provide service in English


Car sales

Is your next new car a smooth city car, a spacious family car or a powerful road car? No matter what you are looking for in a car, you will find it in our wide range of new and used cars.

Car sales services

  • Sell your car to us

    Sell your car to us

    Are you selling your car? We are constantly buying newer cars in good condition. Selling a car through us is easy, smooth and profitable. Offer your car to us by using the form below and we will give you a competitive offer.

  • Company car sales

    Company car sales

    Our company sales provide your company with complete company car solutions. We tailor the solutions to suit your company's needs.

Volkswagen warranty replacement car

When you need an affordable first car or a safe second car, are looking for a large and representative car at an affordable price, or need a spacious car for your transport needs to work and leisure, Volkswagen's warranty replacement car is a safe choice.

24h delivery

Pörhö 24h delivery is valid throughout Finland (for cars worth more than 10 000 euros).

Buying a car through us could not be easier. Find the car you are interested in Pörho's wide range of cars and contact the car dealership.

Our expert dealers will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with information about the car for sale, as well as a reliable estimate of the value of your used car.

After the purchase decision, we take care of all paperwork, such as insurance transfer and registration for you. We deliver your new car directly to your door in no time. And best of all, all of this is free of charge.

Pörhö 24h delivery is available from all our locations.

Pörhö Financing

Pörhö Financing is an installment-based loan for a new or used car. Pörhö Financing's monthly fee is fixed and you can get car financing for all makes and models.

With Pörhö Financing, you get the car you want, regardless of whether it is a new or used car. Pörhö Financing is a flexible car financing that adapts to your needs and budget.

Pörhö Financing in brief:

  • Installment credit.
  • Credit period 12-72 months.
  • The monthly fee is fixed.
  • The car acts as security.
  • Credit decision immediately at the car dealership.
  • For new or used cars.
  • For all makes and models.

With Pörhö Financing, it is also possible to change cars or repay a loan in advance.

Pörhö Financing is available from all our locations.


Pörhö Easy

An easier way to get a new car. With Pörhö Easy, you can easily get the costs related to the purchase and use of a car in the same monthly installment. This way you know what driving a car costs you and there will be no surprises.

Car without down payment - The Pörhö Easy agreement includes financial and maintenance services as well as additional services that make driving easier. At the end of the agreement period, we will redeem the car at a pre-agreed repurchase price. If you wish, you can also redeem the car for yourself or get a new car from us. 

Fixed monthly price - With the Pörhö Easy contract, you are always aware of the cost of having a car, as you get a contract at a fixed monthly price. That way, you do not have to prepare for maintenance or repair costs. 

Request an Easy offer from our sellers or submit a contact request using the Pörhö Easy form.

You can get the service from all our dealerships. The agreement requires an approved credit decision.

Audi approved: plus

Audi approved: plus used cars are Audi's used cars in excellent condition, such as cars that are less than a year old that are used by import staff or as Audi dealer's demos. All Audi-approved: plus cars are carefully inspected and in excellent condition.

All Audi approved: plus used cars have passed the technical inspection of section 110 and have a 12-month or 20,000-kilometer warranty available through us. Audi also offers a five-year maintenance contract for Audi Approved: plus used cars.

Pörhö Warranty

Comprehensive warranty for used cars.

Pörhö Warranty gives you worry-free kilometers with your new used car.

- You get extra security for your investment.

- You save money.

- A comprehensive guarantee makes driving even more worry-free.

When you buy a used car with a Pörhö Warranty, you know where the money goes. The 12-month or 20,000-kilometer warranty is so comprehensive that driving is completely worry-free!

Maintenance agreement

With a maintenance agreement, owning a car is even more worry-free. With a maintenance agreement, you equalize the cost of maintaining your car, maintenance and repairs do not cause you surprising expenses.

You can get a convenient maintenance agreement for a new car or demo car at the time of purchase or, depending on the brand, even after the purchase of the car.