We also provide service in English

We also provide service in English


Car service

From us you will find all the services your car needs, as well as high-quality brand service and reliable multi-brand service. Check out our service range and book an appointment for maintenance.

Car services

  • Pörhö damage repair workshop

    Pörhö damage repair workshop

    Our workshops take care of all the damage to your car professionally and carefully.

  • Pörhö Renkaat

    Pörhö Renkaat

    Pörhö has a wide range of tire services. When you need new and reliable tires for your car, contact Pörhö Renkaat.

Volkswagen Direct Express service

The Volkswagen Direct Express service is designed for Volkswagen cars that are 5 years and older. It provides service and maintenance for a slightly older Volkswagen car.

Our Volkswagen Direct Express service provides your Volkswagen with our solid expertise, high-quality service and the manufacturer's uncompromising level of requirements.

All maintenance is done with cheap and reliable Volkswagen Economy Parts.

Inspection Services

Pörhö's inspection service handles the examination inspection and the actual inspection of the car.

Bring your car to us for a free inspection, where we check the condition of your car before the actual inspection. This way you know if there is anything that needs to be repaired in your car before the actual inspection.

After the inspection, you will receive a report from us. If the inspection shows that something needs to be repaired, you will also receive an offer from us for items to be repaired. During the inspection, you can also make minor repairs or service the air conditioning without an appointment.

Through us, car inspection and emission measurement are also easy

In connection with the inspection, we also smoothly handle the inspection and emission measurement of the car for you.

The examination inspection is a free service, so you only pay for the inspection and emission measurement (price 55 euros).

You can get inspection services from all our offices.

Damage Repair Workshop

Pörhö's Damage repair workshop is the insurance companies' official claims inspection station that services you - regardless of whether it is a minor or a major claim. In the event of any damage, you can turn to our workshops, regardless of car brand.

Spare parts

Ask about spare parts!

Do you have questions about spare parts, accessories or additional accessories? Or do you want to place an order or find out availability, prices or delivery times? Fill in the form with your personal and car details and write your questions. We will contact you as soon as you wish.

Ask about spare parts

Car wash and car waxing

We offer carefully done car washes at all our places of business. When washing, you can also conveniently get a thorough interior cleaning and waxing of your car. Our service advisers are happy to provide more information about washing and waxing.

Lacroe warranty treatments for car paint and textiles

Lacroe paint protection treatment provides a 3-year guarantee on the car's paint against oxidation, flaking and loss of gloss. The protective treatment keeps the sides of the car's paint surface in extreme temperatures and conditions, so the treatment is particularly suitable for driving conditions in Finland.

Innokem protective treatment for car paint surfaces

A three-year high-gloss warranty coating for your car, developed for Nordic conditions. With the treatment, you prepare your car's paint for scratches, road salt, solar UV-radiation and other pollutants caused by air pollution.

The treatment is recommended for new cars to give long-term protection and a nice shine to the paint surface. The treatment can also be done on a used car, depending on the condition of the paint surface.


Pörhö Autolasi

Pörhös AutoLasi performs replacement and repair of car windshield.

Is there a crack or stone chip on the windshield of your car? The windshield is one of the load-bearing structures in a car, so it should be left to professionals to be inspected, replaced and repaired.

Pörhön AutoLasi offers replacement and repair of car windshields as part of our reliable brand service.